Mount Pleasant Free Public Library Association, Inc Board of Directors

Every year the Library Board of Directors has an election at the annual meeting in January. This election determines what Association Members are actively serving as a Board of Director.
To be considered for nomination, you much submit your name for consideration by a selected date in December, the month prior to the meeting.
The qualifications one much present to be eligible for consideration is:

  • Be a Resident of Mount Pleasant Borough or Township
  • Renewed or Registered as an Association Member
  • Support the Library’s Mission

The Library’s Mission Statement: The mission of the Mount Pleasant Free Public Library Association, Inc. is to promote literacy, advance life-long learning, and serve as a gathering place for the development of an active and informed community. 

Association Membership and Dues


The Association was formed in April 1938 by a local civic organization and individuals to solicit funds to build and support the Library and it is fundamental to the operation of the Library.  Annually, the Library sends a letter to the residents of the borough and the township inviting them to renew their membership or to become a new member of the Association for a set fee (dues) approved by the Board.   It is not required to be an Association Member to be a patron of the Library.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the Association membership and dues process, and to define the responsibilities and relationships between the Association Members, Governance Committee, Board of Directors and the Library Director.

Excerpt from Bylaws

  • Sec. 2.  The active management of The Association shall be vested in a Board of Directors made up of nine members who reside in the service area. Two of those members are appointed: one from the Mount Pleasant Borough Council and one from the Mount Pleasant Township Supervisors.  The other seven members are elected at the annual meeting by The Association Membership, having been nominated from the Association Membership.
  • Sec. 8. Each year, the President shall, at least thirty days in advance of the regular annual meeting of the Members, appoint a committee of four Association Members to act in the capacity of the nominating committee.  This committee shall be comprised of two members of the Library Board of Directors and two active members of The Association.  Said Committee shall announce its nomination choices at the annual meeting.  Nominations may also be accepted from the floor.


                Board of Directors

  • In November or December, the President appoints two Board members and two Association Members to serve on the Governance Committee. 
  • Meets with Association Members on the first business meeting each year at a minimum.
  • Prepares and presents to the Association Members at the annual meeting, an overview of the previous year activities.
    • The President prepares the meeting agenda and introduces the Board Members.
    • The Secretary, Treasurer and Library Director prepare a brief summary of the year.
    • The Friends of the Library annual summary is given.
    • The nominee slate is presented by the President.
    • Paper ballots are distributed to Association Members.
    • Two Association Members on the Governance Committee and one Board Member count the votes.
    • President announces the new board members
    • In February, the Officers are elected for the coming year.      
  • Board members are required to pay annual dues to remain on the board.
  • The annual dues amount is established by the Board and reviewed annually in October.
  • Seats vacated between annual meetings are appointed by the Board to complete the vacated term then the seats become open at the next annual meeting.

                Annual Dues

  • Annual Membership begins on January 1 and expires December 31.  The dues are payable in January each year. 
  • For memberships that begin later in the year, the rate will be established quarterly and be pro-rated.
      • $32 annual rate /quarterly pro rate  = $8/quarter
  • Upon Request: An Association Membership card is issued to each member with an expiration date of 12/31/20XX.

                Association Members

  • The Association Members are invited to attend the annual meeting; however, if they wish to vote on the open board seats, they must be present at the annual meeting to vote and their membership dues is current.
  • Are eligible to serve on committees and to serve on the Board of Directors.

                Governance Committee

  • The Governance Committee is responsible for finding candidates that would like to run for open board seats for the upcoming year.
  • Two Board members on the committee are responsible for maintaining up to date records of each board seat and the terms for all board members.
  • The Governance Committee consists of four members.  Two are from the Board of Directors and two are from the Association Members.
  • Identifies those candidates with the expertise and qualities which would most benefit the library board at that time who have the skill set needed.
    • Candidates should demonstrate the core competencies required to handle their main areas of responsibility:
      • Library governance
      • Advocacy
      • Fundraising
      • Policies
      • Board as employer
      • Public relations
    • Effective boards are composed of committed individuals with a broad range of complementary talents, including skills in:
      • Advocacy and lobbying
      • Business management
      • Construction
      • Finance
      • Human resources
      • Law
      • Mediation
      • Public Relations and Marketing
      • Public Speaking
      • Resource development and fundraising
      • Technology
  • Is charged with generating and posting media announcements in early December for candidates interested in running for the board by:
    • Posting a flyer on the main library door
    • Publishing an article in the local newspaper
    • Publishing notices on social media used by the Library

                Library Director

  • Prints and mails out the annual Association Membership dues notice.
  • Prepares and sends out the Tax Receipt Letters afterwards to donors who meet the minimum donor amount per IRS.
  • Oversees and manages the Association Membership records throughout the year. Prepares and maintains the Association Membership cards, including year-end expiration dates and perks available to them.
  • Communicates with Association Members at a minimum quarterly via email newsletter.
  • Provides Association Members advance notice of programs and advance booking to events.
  • Prepares the Ballot for election.